We developed world’s first ECVT Brain Scanner that offers a low-cost, radiation-free, instantaneous detection of physiological abnormalities in the brain caused by tumors, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease and other brain dysfunctions. The technology opens new possibilities for neuroscience researches and other applications.

Brain ECVT System

Images: Brain Cortical Electrical Activity generated by ECVT for normal as well as abnormal activity of the cortical area. The cortical activity map correlates with brain function, showing relatively high and homogeneous electrical activity on the whole cortical surface of the brain for normal brain. Abnormalities in the brain functions are showed by spots with relatively low activity as compared to the surroundings.  

Images: Intracraniall brain electrical activity generated by ECVT using average substraction method to instanly detect  pain, illness and other abnormalities. The electrical activity corresponds to electrical charge distribution that correlates to intracranial pressure.

Images: Intracraniall brain electrical activity generated by ECVT can be used to detect illness  or abnormalities caused by tumors: tumor in the right lobe of the brain (LEFT) and tumor in the left lobe of the brain (RIGHT); The images obtained by ECVT may be usefull to early detect possibility of tumor development or monitoring of the progression of llness related to tumors such as inflammation development or high electric charge accumulation that could cause seizure.

3D image of ECVT for tumor in the left cerebellum.

3D image of ECVT for tumor in the right cerebellum.

Easy Treatment Progress Monitoring using ECVT


Brain ECVT Scanner can be used to monitor treatment progress of brain tumor  in conjuction to MRI. MRI images can be used to monitor the progression of the tumor size, while ECVT images is useful to monitor electrical activity of the tumor for possible inflammation or other intracranial abnormalities that is crucial during treatments.

Images: LEFT: Monitoring of treatment of GBM in the brainstem treated with ECCT using ECVT in conjunction with MR; While MRI images showed significant tumor shrinkage in the size in the first 1.5 year, and relatively no change afterward, the electrical activity of the brain taken by ECVT showed remarkable change from relatively low activity, then increased dramatically during the first month of the treatment and then decreased gradually back to normal. The electrical activity indicates a process of inflammation  in the tumor area may be caused by the process of cancer destruction due to the treatment which extremely important to monitor especiall as the to tumor is in the crucial area of the brainstem; RIGHT: Brain ECVT scan of the cortical electrical activity map shows disappearing low activity area caused by the tumor with the progress of the treatment; The electrical activity of the brain becomes normal with the treatment progress.

Images: While MRI generates accurate image of the brain to detect the tumor, ECVT images electrical activity of the brain that corresponds to intracranial pressure related to the tumor. The image fusion may be useful to accurately map functionally illness caused by the tumor.

Brain ECVT Applications for Neuroscience Researches


Brain ECVT opens new possibilites for neuroscience researches as the technique provides 4D realtime data that can be further analyzed to study brain activities and functions and brain degenerative diseases such schizophrenia, Alzheimer disease, epylepsy and others.

Images: 4D ECVT images and signal data during different stimuli.

Images: ECVT images of brain electrical activity of schizophrenia case, showing highly unregulated and fastly changing patterns; while corresponding images of MRI showing no abnormality.

Images: Brain ECVT electrical activity of Alzheimer Disease case, as compared to corresponding PET-CT scan images.